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Hi, I'm Emilia Maj.

  • I'm UX and Graphic Designer.

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Brand Identity

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Appealing Typography

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I'm proud of what I have designed.


    Date : June 2013
    Client : WebMonks
    Categories : UX, Web Design, Apps


    Date : April 2013
    Client : Use Lab
    Categories : UX, Web Design, Apps


    Date : November 2012
    Client : WebMonks
    Categories : Apps, UI Kits
    Website : www.wind.it

    "Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent."

    Joe Sparano

    I influence my community.


    WebMuses is a women empowered IT-oriented community. We're interested in everything connected with information technology: from coding to design. We want to encourage, inspire & share our passion. Feel invited to join our women-friendly workshops, meetings, presentations and team coding. Positive energy both included and required.


    We're a group of developers & designers from Europe, curious about the emerging African tech hubs. From September 23rd to November 1st 2013 we have been exploring the East African tech scene. Our goal was to document our experience and to kick off a continuous exchange between the continents. Now we are back with new friends, lots of stories to tell, 30 hours of video footage from our trip to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. We want to turn this footage into a great documentary.


    My experience and research have shown that the more “evil” you unleash, the better designer you are. If you like to be off the cuff, to act contrary to what others think, even to release the darkness lurking inside…rest assured that this is the perfect method for you. What does it mean to be bad? But there are certain “sinful” rules you can stick to (sounds a bit like the forbidden fruit of knowledge… Awesome!)

    Let's create something great.

    Have a nice day :-)